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The ABC Book Challenge – E

Hey, everyone! Welcome back to another ABC Book Challenge post. I decided to do this to add more variety to the blog and also because it looked incredibly fun (and so far, it is!). Once again, thank you to Sofii @A Book. A Thought. for introducing this tag to me, and for her support. You should definitely check out her blog if you haven’t already!

Here’s the challenge: Every week, I’ll have a post sharing my most favorite titles as well as those on my current TBR list that start with the corresponding letter. (For weird letters like Q, X, and Z, I might have to bend the rules a little and just have those letters somewhere in the title, but we’ll see.)

This week is the letter E!

Favorite Titles That Start with “E”

Endsinger by Jay Kristoff was exactly the ending the Lotus War trilogy needed to be. It’s very rare that the final book is my absolute favorite, but this one broke the mold. Yukiko and Buruu are so important to me, they made me cry! And then there was Kin, who I was so conflicted about for this entire journey, but here, he shines. Jay Kristoff was brilliant with how he allowed all his characters to grow and evolve, not just stay in their molds with very little changes. I loved what he ended up doing with Hana, Hiro, and Yoshi, the latter two especially. Plus, this novel was full of the alternate-history, steampunk horror elements I’ve come to know and love. If you haven’t given this trilogy a chance yet, please do, because it’s incredibly imaginative and quite a wild ride.

Eragon by Christopher Paolini was my first dragon book as well as my first “proper” introduction to anything resembling high fantasy. I never continued with the series past Eldest, but I still adore this first novel. Saphira was a phenomenal character, and her bond with Eragon was truly special. Then there were my other favorites, Brom, Angela, Solembum, and Durza, who I admittedly had a crush on. Sure, the plot was a bit “fantasy Star Wars,” but whoever said that’s a bad thing?

End of Days by Susan Ee is a wild and explosive ending to an already phenomenal trilogy. Seeing how far Penryn and Raffe have come as characters as they discover what matters to them, how crucial Paige’s journey was, and how all the minor characters made this story truly rich–it honestly doesn’t get better than this. I fell in love with Raffe’s Watchers, most unexpectedly with the fallen demon Belial, and all those scenes in Hell! Honestly, I could have used an entire book about just that. It’s been years, but I still can’t believe how outstanding this trilogy is.

Books on My TBR List That Start with “E”

Whew! Not too many books in this group that I’ve actually read and favorited, huh? Good thing I have such a wide selection to choose from going forward. (Some, like Everless, I’ve been interested in and owned since the first of the year, but haven’t gotten around to yet. Gotta change that.)

Which of my favorites have you read that you loved? Are there any on my TBR list you’d recommend become a priority for me, stat? Let me know!

Photo Credit: Paul Schafer


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