Most Anticipated Book Releases – December 2018

Hey, folks! Welcome back to the last Most Anticipated Book Releases post of the year. This time, I’ve found the top books I’m most excited for that are being released in December 2018. While the pickings were slim this time thanks to December not being a publication-heavy month, I still managed to find a few books I’d like to keep an eye on.

The novel I’m looking forward to the most this month is…

december books 2018

The Disasters by M.K. England is an LGBT science fiction novel whose premise surprised me right away. Nax Hall is a hotshot pilot whose penchant for bad choices gets him kicked out of the elite Ellis Station Academy in less than a day. Nax and three other wash-outs are due to head back to Earth on a one-way ticket until a terrorist group attacks the Academy. Nax and the others barely make it out, the only witnesses to the crime as well as the perfect scapegoats. Now, Nax and this unlikely, ragtag group have to work together long enough to avoid capture, execute a dangerous heist to clear their names, and spread the truth about what happened. Release date: December 18th

Once Upon a River by Diane Setterfield has such a dreamy cover, I love it. Author of the acclaimed The Thirteenth Tale, Setterfield returns with a new story that’s full of folklore, suspense, and romance. On the Thames is an ancient inn settled against the backdrop of a midwinter’s night. An injured stranger soon arrives, interrupting the storytelling and merriment of the inn to reveal the drowned corpse of a little child in his arms. Hours later, the dead girl stirs and returns to life, and the people are left to wonder: Is it a miracle? Is it magic? Or can science hold the glory? Release date: December 4th

Strange Days by Constantine J. Singer features a world where aliens are real and walking among us, but nobody believes it. Alex Mata was one such nonbeliever, until he arrives home to discover an alien has murdered his parents. On the run, Alex is led to the compound of Jeffrey Sabazios, a tech guru who stands firm in his belief that an alien invasion is coming. Sabazios allows Alex to become a “Witness,” part of a group of teens with special abilities to glide through time and witness futures. Any future a Witness sees is guaranteed to happen as shown, making their work crucial in order to change the future and save Earth. Alex acclimates to this new world quickly, until a rogue glide reveals the dangerous truth about his new situation. Now Alex is faces with an impossible choice: save the ones he loves or save the world instead. Release date: December 4th

Fire & Heist by Sarah Beth Durst follows Sky Hawkins, whose family has a very different coming-of-age tradition: leading one’s first heist. With her hand-picked crew, Sky knows she has everything she needs to achieve her heist, but things quickly become complicated. It wasn’t enough for Sky to be a wyvern, or a human who can shift into a dragon; she’s also found out secrets about her mother, the real reason her boyfriend broke up with her, and the perfect treasure to steal–a jewel that can restore her family’s standing in their community. All that matters now is the heist, or at least, that’s how it should’ve been, but that was before Sky uncovers a dark and dangerous truth about were-dragon society she was never supposed to learn. Release date: December 4th

That’s all from me! Are you excited for these? What other books are you looking forward to?

Also, did you like this post series? What would you like to see differently here for the new year? Perhaps Goodreads summaries versus my own summaries? My rating predictions and reasons for them, the good and the bad? Let me know in the comments!

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