2019 Reading Goals – #KillYourTBR + Reading Challenges

Hey, there, folks! How’s it going? I’m not really one for New Year’s Resolutions, but I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want to do with my blog this year. After starting the ABC Book Challenge, I realized how out of control my TBR list is. It’s a sad fact I’ve “known” for a while—I joke about it with friends all the time—but I didn’t truly face how bad it’s really gotten.

So I want to make it a point this year to establish my 2019 reading goals, namely to focus much more on my TBR list, especially books I’ve owned, mmmm… for over five years now without reading, rather than jumping to the lasted releases. I’ll still read current stuff, but I hope my reading will be more balanced moving forward. I also want to back off on doing in-depth reviews and focusing more on what I’ve accomplished each month.

Here’s how I’m going to do it:

  • Use the #KillYourTBR hashtag on here and on Twitter to demonstrate my commitment.
  • Have my closest friends select my monthly reads from books in my collection (not every month, but from time to time).
  • Participate in reading challenges.

That last point I’m very excited for. I’ve never actually¬†done any reading challenges, I don’t think. Since this is a new undertaking for me—and I’m specifically targeting my TBR list whenever possible—I’m going to attempt two or three reading challenges this year. Will there be overlap? Absolutely. Will I complete all of them? I doubt it. But I’d like to see how close I can get and how much variety I can achieve.

The reading challenges I’ve chosen to take part in for 2019 are:

Whoo! Am I nuts? Probably!

But I’m so geared up for this! I’ve gotten tired of being a “mood reader;” it’s time now to be a more efficient one, but also to keep having fun with it. Even if I don’t finish the challenges, there’s no worst-case scenario here. Either I’ll discover some new favorite books I’ve had with me all along, or I’ll make more room on my shelves. Win-win!

Below are images of the reading challenges I’m doing. Which ones are you participating in? Where do you foresee your greatest challenges? What are you most excited about? I can’t wait to hear about it!



screen shot 2019-01-09 at 10.13.59 pm

Photo Credit: Toa Heftiba

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