Most Anticipated Releases — April 2018

Another month approaches! How’s everyone doing? Been keeping up with your To-Read list so far? (Yeah, me neither. What a hilarious question.)

I don’t have many books on my list for April, but the ones that are on here, I am dying to come out! I’m actually thankful that this month’s releases aren’t as numerous as my past ones have been. I have too much to read from the first of the year alone lol

Without further ado, let’s talk book releases.


Ever since I put down¬†Defy the Stars, I’ve been desperate for its sequel,¬†Defy the Worlds. Claudia Gray has gifted me with two wonderful protagonists, and I’m beside myself whenever I think about them. What is Abel getting up to? What’s become of Noemi? What’s going to happen next?

I won’t launch into what this sequel is about since it would spoil the first book, but just know that I am losing my mind over it! At least the wait’s almost over… It’s been rough. If you’ve been looking for a compelling, detailed mech/human romance, check this series out!

Not a fan of the new cover re-designs, I’ll admit. The cover for the first book was beautiful but simplistic, not to mention extremely symbolic of something within the world. These new ones look far too busy and “washed out,” and I do not like having random people’s faces on the cover that look nothing like Noemi and Abel. But I know the author has very little control over that, so I’ll just look forward to the no-doubt gorgeous and thoughtful story inside.

Release date: April 3rd

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