Book Review: Dark Disciple


Title: Dark Disciple
or: Christie Golden
Genre: Sci-Fi
Version: Hardback
Page Count: 302
Publisher: Del Rey
Synopsis: GoodReads
Notable Notables: New Canon Tie-In, Anti-Hero Protag
Recommended Readers: Fans of Star Wars, The Clone Wars, and specifically the Dark Side
Rating: ★★★★★

[This review was originally published on GoodReads.]

I did not give Dark Disciple five stars because it’s a perfect book (far from it, actually). I gave it five stars because of how totally and thoroughly I enjoyed it.

The front cover says, “Based on unproduced episodes of The Clone Wars,” and you can tell. You can just tell how fun these episodes were going to be if they’d been able to make them, and—having just finished the series myself—I was happy that I had this book to read to delay the goodbye process.

Now, let’s talk about things I liked:

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