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Reading Challenge Update – March 2019

Hey, everyone! Before I get into this reading challenge update, I wanted to thank everyone who has followed my blog recently. It’s so heartening to see, and I just want to express how happy I am about it every time. You guys are awesome!

This one’s going to be a little smaller because I was in a reading slump? Or something? It happens. I was also playing a lot of Yakuza Kiwami 2 and watching Queer Eye, so I honestly can’t be too mad about that. It was a good time.

The Great

Finished: 3/1/19 | Rating: ★★★★☆

Challenges met:

Wildcard still features the fictional AR game Warcross, though in a lesser capacity than in the first book, and the setting is still in Japan. And I know that the term “ugly” is subjective, but I’ve loathed this cover ever since it dropped, especially when compared to the first book’s. Sorry!

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Book Review: Beneath the Citadel

beneath the citadel
 Beneath the Citadel
 Destiny Soria
Genre: Young Adult/Fantasy
Version: ARC – ebook
Page Count: 480
Publisher: Amulet Books
Synopsis: GoodReads
Notable Notables: Diverse, LGBTQA+ characters
Recommended Readers: Fans of ensemble casts, slower plots
Rating: ★★☆☆☆

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for offering this ARC in exchange for an honest review—and sorry for the lateness.

I loved Destiny Soria’s Iron Cast and was greatly looking forward to this book, but after finishing it… Iron Cast was better by far.

I’ve had a hard time determining if Beneath the Citadel just isn’t for me, or if it isn’t for me right now. Would I have enjoyed it more if I was in a better mood for it, or would my thoughts still be the same? Unfortunately, I have absolutely no urge to reread it to find out, but who knows? Maybe I will someday.

The novel takes place in the fictional city of Eldra, where infallible prophecies determine events and the fate of the people. The High Council rules with an iron fist, taking advantage of the gifts of rooks, diviners, seers, and sentients to prevent threats to their power. As a result, the last rebellion was crushed underfoot, leaving only their children as bitter survivors. Cassa, the daughter of rebels, seeks to expose the council’s corruption and overthrow them, and the key to doing so lies beneath the Citadel—but she and her friends have to break in and get there alive first.

Before I get more into the plot, let’s talk about my reactions to the characters.

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Book Review: Iron Cast

iron cast

Title: Iron Cast
 Destiny Soria
Genre: Young Adult, Historical Fiction, Magical Realism
Version: Hardcover
Page Count: 384
Publisher: Harry N. Abrams
Synopsis: GoodReads
Notable Notables: POC characters, LGBTQ+ characters, Friendship-focused
Recommended Readers: Fans of magical realism, 1920s-era
Rating: ★★★★★

Ah, gosh, I loved this. Magical realism, 1919 setting, diverse characters, thoughtful prose. Consider me swept away!

Iron Cast is Destiny Soria’s debut, standalone novel, and I am an instant fan. The cover alone stole my breath, and the contents inside delivered, taking me to this historical yet magical Boston that I didn’t want to leave.

The novel follows the fierce friendship of two young women, Ada Navarra, the daughter of immigrants, and Corinne Wells, the daughter of an elite Boston family. Neither of them seem to have much in common besides the fact that they’re both hemopaths, or people whose blood cannot tolerate iron and who possess certain gifts. Corinne is a wordsmith who can bring people into her thrall, experiencing any emotion and memory she desires by reciting poetry, and Ada, a songsmith, does the same with her violin.

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