Most Anticipated Book Releases – May 2018

Wow, look at the time! Making my list for May’s most anticipated book releases almost got away from me, but I can’t be too upset about that. Not when I’m staring out at the ocean, hearing the waves crash and the seagulls call, drinking some peach vodka as I’m writing this.

I’m at such low stress right now, and these upcoming publications are only adding to my¬† contentedness.


I became an instant fan of Jay Kristoff after reading his trilogy, The Lotus Wars. Now, he’s capturing my imagination with LIFEL1K3, a story about a scrapper girl named Eve and an android named Ezekiel, set in a harsh world of robotics and puritanical rulers.

Some things about the synopsis remind me of The Lotus Wars, like the radiation sky and the emphasis on metal versus flesh, so I’ll be interested to see how Kristoff has differentiated the two stories. I already want to meet Lemon Fresh, who sounds fun, and her robot conscience, Cricket, and how they’ll join Eve and Ezekiel on their quest to figure out what the hell is going on and how to save their loved ones from doom. Kristoff has grown so much as a descriptive storyteller over the years, so I’m sure reading about his world will be as mesmerizing as it is horrifying. He likes that kinda thing, and so do I!

Release date: May 29th

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