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The ABC Book Challenge – B

Hey, everyone! Welcome back to another ABC Book Challenge post. I decided to do this to add more variety to the blog and also because it looked incredibly fun (and so far, it is!). Once again, thank you to Sofii @A Book. A Thought. for introducing this tag to me, and for her support. You should definitely check out her blog if you haven’t already!

Here’s the challenge: Every week, I’ll have a post sharing my most favorite titles as well as those on my current TBR list that start with the corresponding letter. (For weird letters like Q, X, and Z, I might have to bend the rules a little and just have those letters somewhere in the title, but we’ll see.)

This week is the letter B!

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Most Anticipated Releases – February 2018

Y’know, I didn’t realize how many books actually came out per month–and so many on the same day–until I started doing these release posts. Kinda glad I did because knowing is half the battle. (My wallet vehemently disagrees and begs me to reconsider.)

February’s book releases almost snuck up on me, but I managed to pull a little list together. As always, sorry if I didn’t include your most anticipated release on here. I just went with what caught my eye (and that I know about).

shadowsongSo Wintersong immediately caught me because it was a Labyrinth-esque, Goblin King romance, and who doesn’t love that? The experience of reading the book itself was so much more than that, though. I found myself being swept away into a dreamlike-world with unique characters from which I didn’t emerge until two days later, bleary-eyed and disoriented. And a little sad because the story was over, and I still craved more.

When S. Jae-Jones declared she was going to follow up Liesl and the Goblin King’s story with Shadowsong, I fell out; I was so beyond excited! Wintersong was haunting and beautiful and so very Fae, but I needed more closure than what it gave me. Here’s hoping that Liesl, Josef, and der Erlkönig get the ending they deserve. Also, I am loving this New Adult genre because it is bringing so much to the table. More of this, immediately.

Release Date: February 6th

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